How to Make Influencers out of Your Existing customers

One of the best strategies for successful marketing of any business is through the existing customers. If you package your products in a way that will please a customer, he will definitely speak good of the product to another person and you will have gained other customers through this.

Though customers will out of their own free will speak well about a product that has pleased them, there are ways that you can encourage them to do this with more vigor and some of these are:

  • Providing a platform through which customers can share their experiences: customers need to be given an opportunity to speak well of your product if they are impressed with it. This can be done by encouraging them to write down a feedback regarding the quality of the product and the quality of the services that they received when making the purchase.

Customers who are made to know that their opinions matter will be glad to share it and to let others know that they used that great product from your company. Once a customer has given her feedback, you can share it on social media platforms where more people will know what other people say after using your products. The concerned customer will also feel honored that his opinion is worth sharing on social media.

  • Including influencer messages in the ongoing communication: It is obvious that you are in constant communication with your clients through platforms such as emails. You can incorporate a message encouraging the customers to become influencers for your products or business.

Having a more personalized relationship with the clients will make them better advocates for your brand. They will feel valued which will encourage them to speak well of your brand without expecting any form of compensation.

  • Giving incentives: In normal circumstances, many customers are willing to share their experiences but are unwilling to refer another person to buy the product. If you will offer a little incentive to such a customer, it will be a driving force to make her speak good of the product and encourage them to buy from you. The incentive can be in form of discounts for every customer they refer. This should be done according to the number of customers where the customer who refers the most customers will get the highest discounts.

The new customer who is referred to you should also be integrated into the influencers program where he will also be encouraged to bring in more customers to earn a discount.

You should always make an effort to ensure that your products are of the best quality. This will make it easy for the customers to become influencers as no one will want to be associated with a substandard product. If a customer raises a complaint regarding a product, it should be addressed as soon as possible so that he will not be a source of any negativity regarding your product. This will encourage the customer to know that he is important and his opinion matters to your business.