How Safe are Pregnancy Massage Tables?


One of the most pressing concerns when it comes to pregnancy massage is whether it is safe to lie on the fancy massage tables. Being pregnant is associated with multiple changes in the body one of which is the enlarged belly that makes it impossible to lie on certain positions.

The truth is, it is not safe to lie on a pregnancy massage table whether you are 20 weeks or 42 weeks pregnant. A pregnancy massage table can easily cause body injuries to you and your unborn child. Massage tables cannot be adjusted depending on the size of the belly which means there will be a time they will be too big or too small.

Though there are customizable massage beds in some spas, they have some limitations that make them not right to lie on during a prenatal massage.

Here are some of the reason why you should avoid massage table

  • It is not customizable: as your pregnancy progresses, the size of your belly will keep growing bigger. On the other hand, the size of the hole in the prenatal massage table will remain the same.

It is also a fact that your belly is not the same size as the person who got pregnant at the same time. One woman may have a bigger belly that will perfectly fit in the hole while yours will be too small for the same. Your baby’s weight may also be higher and any attempt to fit in the massage hole will likely harm the baby and you as well.

  • There is no support for your back and belly: leaving your belly and your back without support during a prenatal massage will lead to lower back pain. The pressure that the massage therapist will exert on your muscles may be too much leading to even more severe complications.
  • Increased stretch marks: when you lie on a pregnancy massage table, you will subject your belly to too much pressure, making the skin around your belly to stretch. As a result, you will notice an increase in the number of stretch marks after the massage.

The best position for pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage therapy is about making your pregnancy journey less stressful. It is geared towards relieving you from muscle pains, lack of sleep, muscle tension, and headaches, among other health issues. If the massage table will make some of these conditions worse, it is not worth it.

When you go to a professional spa, most pregnancy massage therapists will offer their services when you are in a side-lying position. They will also provide some pillows to ensure that you are comfortable for the entire duration of the massage.

You have a right to speak up if you need to take a break in between your massage or if you want to change positions. Most of the time, the massage therapist will ask if you are comfortable as a way of encouraging you to raise any issue that is making you uncomfortable.

As much as a massage table looks trendy and tempting, it will not be the best choice for you. If you are afraid of lying sideways on the massage table, you can sit and lay your head on the massage table. This way, the massage therapist will have good access to most parts of your body and you will be more comfortable.