How Safe are Pregnancy Massage Tables?


One of the most pressing concerns when it comes to pregnancy massage is whether it is safe to lie on the fancy massage tables. Being pregnant is associated with multiple changes in the body one of which is the enlarged belly that makes it impossible to lie on certain positions.

The truth is, it is not safe to lie on a pregnancy massage table whether you are 20 weeks or 42 weeks pregnant. A pregnancy massage table can easily cause body injuries to you and your unborn child. Massage tables cannot be adjusted depending on the size of the belly which means there will be a time they will be too big or too small.

Though there are customizable massage beds in some spas, they have some limitations that make them not right to lie on during a prenatal massage.

Here are some of the reason why you should avoid massage table

  • It is not customizable: as your pregnancy progresses, the size of your belly will keep growing bigger. On the other hand, the size of the hole in the prenatal massage table will remain the same.

It is also a fact that your belly is not the same size as the person who got pregnant at the same time. One woman may have a bigger belly that will perfectly fit in the hole while yours will be too small for the same. Your baby’s weight may also be higher and any attempt to fit in the massage hole will likely harm the baby and you as well.

  • There is no support for your back and belly: leaving your belly and your back without support during a prenatal massage will lead to lower back pain. The pressure that the massage therapist will exert on your muscles may be too much leading to even more severe complications.
  • Increased stretch marks: when you lie on a pregnancy massage table, you will subject your belly to too much pressure, making the skin around your belly to stretch. As a result, you will notice an increase in the number of stretch marks after the massage.

The best position for pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage therapy is about making your pregnancy journey less stressful. It is geared towards relieving you from muscle pains, lack of sleep, muscle tension, and headaches, among other health issues. If the massage table will make some of these conditions worse, it is not worth it.

When you go to a professional spa, most pregnancy massage therapists will offer their services when you are in a side-lying position will also provide some pillows to ensure that you are comfortable for the entire duration of the massage.

You have a right to speak up if you need to take a break in between your massage or if you want to change positions. Most of the time, the massage therapist will ask if you are comfortable as a way of encouraging you to raise any issue that is making you uncomfortable.

As much as a massage table looks trendy and tempting, it will not be the best choice for you. If you are afraid of lying sideways on the massage table, you can sit and lay your head on the massage table. This way, the massage therapist will have good access to most parts of your body and you will be more comfortable.

Hiring the Right Marketing Business for a Handyman

Handyman Marketing

Most people seek handyman services if the task is beyond their league or they simply don’t have the time to handle it. For others, they simply want to get the job done fast and professionally. Whatever your reason, you will at one time require handyman services for your residential or commercial building.

If you’ve never hired a handyman before, it may be hard to determine the right man for the job. To make it easier for you, however, here are some of the qualities you need to consider before hiring a handyman:


There are times when you’ll need urgent repair work and in such cases, a handyman who will respond immediately is the best fit. Get a handyman who will arrive on time and complete the task within the agreed time.


Your home is among your biggest investments and you need a trustworthy person to handle any repairs. Get a person who can handle the task with minimal or no supervision and one who will not take advantage of your absence to steal from you.

Attentive to Details

In most cases, you will call a handyman when you already have an idea of how you want your task done. A handyman who will listen to you and bring your ideas to reality is the best man for the job. Get a person that will take time to listen and understand your needs as this is the only way you will get what you want.

Good Communicator

Like any other service provider, a good handyman is one who keeps you updated about the progress of your project. He will be careful to consult you before making any major changes so that the end result will be what you wanted.

Consider Local References

It is better to have a friend, relative or neighbor refer you to a good handyman instead of making online searches. If these people have hired a handyman in the past, they will be able to recommend a handyman who is punctual and professional. A handyman who meets the expectations of his clients will always get numerous referrals and you should take advantage of this.

Most professional handymen thrive on referrals and will, therefore, go out of their way to offer the best services every time. This way, they will leave a mark that will keep their clients speaking well of them every time an opportunity arises.

Check Whether He is Insured and has a Valid License

However careful a handyman is when carrying out his duties, there are instances when accidents happen. In such cases, he will need an insurance cover to provide compensation for the damages. It is also beneficial to hire a handyman who has a valid operating license and one who has been in business for years such as the 25 years experience from . Such a person will know the best way to handle any task so that he can deliver the best at all times.

As long as you make the right choice of handyman, you can have a guarantee of getting the best services. The services are more affordable compared to what a contractor would charge and you will still get high-quality services.

Cost of Hiring a Website Designer Ogden

Having a functional website through which you will be able to share relevant content with your audience requires more than just posting stuff. You will need a website that will generate traffic and one that is well formatted.

A website that is easy to navigate requires a total or partial makeover and the best results will be from a professional website designer Ogden. The following are some of the factors that will determine how much the designer will charge for the services:

  • Content: A large website that has several pages will require more content when formatting and this will make the website designer to charge more for his services. Every page will require images, a header, text, a banner, and also links. If you want to pay less for the web designing, you can ensure that only the most important content is posted on the website and leave out anything irrelevant.
  • Time: Some web designers will charge you according to the time limit you shall give for the completion of the project. If you require the job done in a few hours, the price will be more as the concerned parties will have to be paid for the extra effort they will be putting in your website to ensure that it is completed on time. You will also pay more as other projects that had been started before yours will have to be shelved to have yours completed on time.
  • Complexity: If the layout of your website is simple and will not require a lot of time to set up, the cost will be lower compared to the one who needs a complex website. For instance, commercial websites that require setting up a payment option, having a catalog in place, and other aspects that will make the online business run smoothly will cost more.

There are other website designers who will offer to optimize the website so that it ranks higher on Google at an extra cost. This will also affect the total cost of the website designing but in the end, the extra cost will bear more fruits as more sales will be made if it is a commercial website.

In addition to optimizing the website, a website designer may also offer to maintenance services after the setting up of the website. For this purpose, a person will be assigned to upload content on the website or to teach you how to upload the content with little or no help. The website designer Ogden could also host the website which will make it very easy for you as you will not have to look for these services elsewhere. The services will be offered at an additional cost which will increase the total cost of designing a website.

Always ensure that you study the reviews about the available website designers before contacting them for the services. The report from their previous customers will clearly show the quality of their services and you can then make an informed decision. Do not settle for the designer that charges the lowest price for the designing as the services offered will also be substandard.

How to Make Influencers out of Your Existing customers

One of the best strategies for successful marketing of any business is through the existing customers. If you package your products in a way that will please a customer, he will definitely speak good of the product to another person and you will have gained other customers through this.

Though customers will out of their own free will speak well about a product that has pleased them, there are ways that you can encourage them to do this with more vigor and some of these are:

  • Providing a platform through which customers can share their experiences: customers need to be given an opportunity to speak well of your product if they are impressed with it. This can be done by encouraging them to write down a feedback regarding the quality of the product and the quality of the services that they received when making the purchase.

Customers who are made to know that their opinions matter will be glad to share it and to let others know that they used that great product from your company. Once a customer has given her feedback, you can share it on social media platforms where more people will know what other people say after using your products. The concerned customer will also feel honored that his opinion is worth sharing on social media.

  • Including influencer messages in the ongoing communication: It is obvious that you are in constant communication with your clients through platforms such as emails. You can incorporate a message encouraging the customers to become influencers for your products or business.

Having a more personalized relationship with the clients will make them better advocates for your brand. They will feel valued which will encourage them to speak well of your brand without expecting any form of compensation.

  • Giving incentives: In normal circumstances, many customers are willing to share their experiences but are unwilling to refer another person to buy the product. If you will offer a little incentive to such a customer, it will be a driving force to make her speak good of the product and encourage them to buy from you. The incentive can be in form of discounts for every customer they refer. This should be done according to the number of customers where the customer who refers the most customers will get the highest discounts.

The new customer who is referred to you should also be integrated into the influencers program where he will also be encouraged to bring in more customers to earn a discount.

You should always make an effort to ensure that your products are of the best quality. This will make it easy for the customers to become influencers as no one will want to be associated with a substandard product. If a customer raises a complaint regarding a product, it should be addressed as soon as possible so that he will not be a source of any negativity regarding your product. This will encourage the customer to know that he is important and his opinion matters to your business.

Great Tips for Overcoming Negative Publicity

A business may invest in the best strategies in marketing and maintain a good reputation but along the way, an issue arises that leads to a widespread negative publicity. This should not be the end of the road for the business as there is still a chance to restore the shattered image. Below are ways that will help you to get over the negative publicity for a business:

  • Do not ignite the flames: Naturally, you will be tempted to hit back and counter the negative publicity immediately you hear about it but this may fail to solve the issue but add more salt to the injury. Think carefully with the rest of your marketing team so that you can come up with a response that will provide the best response to the negative publicity.
  • Accept your mistakes: For any business to win back the trust and the respect of their customers there has to be an admission of a mistake if the business was in the wrong. You should have a clear explanation that tells why the mistake happened and the steps you have taken to ensure that the mistake will not be repeated.

Ignoring the problem with the perception that people will forget what happened is not a good strategy that wants to retain a good image in the eyes of their customers.

  • Know who you are dealing with: As a reputable business, you should know the customers who were directly affected by the mistake that brought about the bad publicity and work on restoring their trust. You should also understand that not every negative response deserves a response; there are times when one needs to respond and when the best option will be to wait and see what unfolds.
  • Stand with the truth: Honesty is the best policy for the success of any business. When one owns up to their mistake and explains why the mistake happened, it will be easier to bounce back to the position the business was before the mistake happened.

Every reputable brand has at one time gone through a phase where there was a lot of negative publicity. Dealing with the problem in honesty and maintaining open communication between them and the clients. However messy the situation is, a honest communication with the concerned parties will create an avenue for the business to rise from the mess and back to the former state.

A negative publicity will not be a topic of discussion forever, with time, these customers will forget what happened and things will go back to how they were before the mess happened.

The greatest weapon will be to understand when it is wise to respond and when the best option is to watch as events unfold. There are problems that do not even deserve the attention of the business. A reputable public relations officer in the business will be able to tell the difference between a comment that deserves an answer and one that should just be overlooked. If you take the right steps, the business will definitely get back its lost good reputation.